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Our Story

From 2003 startup to veteran Salesforce partner

Altaf Shaikh, Founder & CEO of ListEngage started the Company in 2003 after having spent a decade in senior software development and consulting roles. Altaf has since built a cohesive team comprised of talented, expert techies, designers, and marketers who have the proven competency to build scalable solutions to clients' growing digital marketing requirements. ListEngage has spent 18+ profitable years building and training the team, building a spotless reputation, and creating relationships with leadership companies in many verticals. All ListEngage techno-marketers are certified on the Salesforce cloud.

ListEngage was one of the first ExactTarget partners and had a special platinum partner status and post ExactTarget's acquisition by Salesforce is now a Salesforce partner.

ListEngage employs the best technical and creative minds and is exclusively focused on the Salesforce cloud computing offerings which helps clients maximize their investment in Salesforce. ListEngage's twelve plus years of special relationship with Salesforce facilitates creative solutions so clients receive the benefits from the best of both worlds – the combination of an awesome platform and great services to help execute their digital vision.

Under Altaf's leadership, ListEngage has mastered the art of using first party and third party data coming in from many disparate data sources. Our experts help organizations harness that data to map and execute real-time, automated, relevant life-cycle campaigns and journeys for today's always 'ON' customer. ListEngage has a deep understanding of digital marketing and is leading the way in helping modern enterprises through every step of their digital transformation needs.

ListEngage has been a frequent recipient of awards and recognitions for its highest levels of service and technical expertise.