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Organize and Name It Like You Mean It

Jake Gibbs | January 24, 2017 

Why It Matters

Let’s not dilly dally and get right to the point: bad naming conventions and account structure make managing your Salesforce Marketing Cloud a real pain in the keister for you and your teammates. The problem is only compounded the larger your team, the more complex your business, and the more emails, automations, triggers, and portfolio items you add over time.

So let’s go through a few practical principles of improving your naming convention and your account organization to make finding, editing, and managing assets a breeze.

Principles of Organization

  • Top Down Hierarchy – Start with the broadest categories (Promotional, Trigger, etc) and drill down to more narrow categories (Welcome Series, Shipping, etc)
  • No Overkill – Organize, but don’t overorganize. You don’t need a folder for each email! Only create sub folders when necessary. A folder is typically needed when 3 or more unique email types exist. For example, Promotional >> 2017 >> January.
  • Match Your Business – Every business is different. Organize around how your business is organized. Maybe you organize by country, language, internal vs. external communications, departments, customers, suppliers, etc. Whatever your business structure, match that with your account structure.

Principles of Naming

  • Brevity – You only need to include enough information to know what the email, folder, image, or asset contains. Being superfluous isn’t necessary.
  • Clarity – The name is good when a complete stranger or new hire can come in and immediately understand the asset without needing to ask another employee.
  • Consistency – Don’t change the naming convention unless needed. If the convention changes, consider retroactively renaming past assets to match the new naming convention.

Now check out this tutorial on actually implementing an organizational and naming structure. Happy organizing!

Video Tutorial

Check out this video on setting up organized folder structures inside of Salesforce.

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Jake Gibbs

Jake Gibbs | Design Specialist

Jake Gibbs is a Design Specialist at ListEngage and an expert at designing and building elegant, cross-platform compatible, mobile responsive emails and landing pages on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. From brainstorming and ideation to polishing the final product, he loves the creative process. Jake has worked with more than 60 clients since joining ListEngage in 2014. Some of his projects have included L’Oreal, Vanguard, Carhartt, Harvard Business School, RCI/Wyndham, Huggies, and Planet Fitness.