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Level Up your Salesforce Program

Julie Marques | February 25, 2021 

Do you feel like you’re not getting everything you could be out of your Salesforce investment? You’re not alone. 67% of marketing leaders say creating a connected customer journey across all touchpoints and channels is critical to their success, but only 23% of them are “extremely satisfied” with their ability to leverage all the data they’re collecting (Salesforce). With so much functionality across Sales, Service, Marketing, and Commerce Clouds, many Salesforce marketers are using only a fraction of what’s available. 

Getting more out of Salesforce is an ongoing process, and a great first step is learning just how mature your Salesforce program is. To help our clients understand where they are and where they want to go, ListEngage created the Salesforce Maturity Spectrum. Once we identify where a client partner falls on the Maturity Spectrum, we’re able to partner with them to move them to the next level. Moving up a level allows our clients to gain operational efficiencies, improve sales and marketing ROI, and provide customers with a better experience.

Check the list below to see where you fall. At each level, there is a suggestion to “Level Up.” These are the ways you can partner with ListEngage to move to a higher point in the spectrum.

Download the The Salesforce Maturity Spectrum infographic here.

The Salesforce Maturity Spectrum

Level 1 – Getting Started

  • The organization is fairly new to Salesforce or has never used it before.
  • They may be migrating from another CRM or email provider, or have just migrated. 
  • They are considering opportunities for marketing automation but not sure how to best create automated flows based on their data. 
  • They have data systems and platforms that aren’t all integrated and working together.

Level Up: 

Contact ListEngage for Salesforce training and consulting to provide strategies for mapping customer journeys, integrating valuable data, and improving the customer experience.

Level 2 – Single Channel Marketer

  • The organization is using Salesforce for marketing for one initiative or in a single channel.

    Example: Sending promotional emails, but not using Salesforce for SMS, push notifications, digital ads, or social media.
  • The organization is using CRM or Marketing Cloud to store a single data source. 

    Example: Storing a customer list with customer attributes (contact information and basic demographics) but keeping relational data like customer service requests and website behaviors in separate systems.
  • The organization uses basic customer demographics to segment their audiences, and many customers see the same content/messages.
  • Marketing analytics capabilities are limited. 

    Example: The organization can tie some marketing campaigns to customer transactions like purchases, but not to data from customer service or social media activity.

Level Up: 

Allow ListEngage to conduct a technical audit and explore customized opportunities to integrate other data sources or marketing channels.

Level 3 – The Multichannel Marketer

  • The organization has integrated data coming from different sources, but they are still operationally siloed as a business. 

    Example: The marketing department is using Salesforce to send email, but social media is another department and employees are using a non-Salesforce platform, missing a valuable opportunity for a single view of the customer and coordinated marketing efforts. 
  • The business is still corporate-focused vs. customer centric

    Example: They think more about the messages they want to send versus what the customer needs or wants during their journey with the company.
  • There is limited or no real-time messaging.

    Example: There is no immediate response by email or text when a customer signs up for a list or makes a purchase. 
  • Lacks a single view of the customer and how he/she interacts with the business for targeting or reporting.

    Example: The business lacks a full understanding of the journey the customer makes before completing a purchase, and where the brand can assist or meet the customer along that journey through automation. 

Level Up: 

Contact ListEngage for technical support creating systems integrations, and strategic support for better optimizing current data and breaking down departmental silos. 

Level 4 – Sophisticated and Synchronized

  • Marketing is coordinated across at least two channels or clouds and the approach is more focused on the customer.

    Example: The organization is using the Marketing Cloud with the Service Cloud, or the Marketing Cloud across all or most available channels.
  • The organization has an ability to create sophisticated segmentation of their audience.

    Examples: They have segments based on demographics, preferences and customer behaviors, and can send specific messages based on those behaviors. They have automated campaigns such as winback campaigns that target customers who haven’t purchased in a while, segmenting their messaging based on relevant data such as web activity, transaction amounts, and event enrollment.
  • The organization leverages standard reporting as well as basic analytics and/or AI capabilities.

    Example: They utilize Einstein-driven predictions within reporting to understand customer purchasing behavior overall or by segment.
  • They use more advanced dashboards/data visualizations.

Level Up: 

Let ListEngage help increase reach and create advanced personalization using tools like Interaction Studio and Audience Studio

Level 5 – Evolved and Agile

  • The business has adopted the latest technologies such as Next Best Action and Internet of Things

    Examples: They are able to make product suggestions, or collect and integrate data from app/product use. They send scheduled campaigns with specific messaging for each audience and also use interaction-based triggers.
  • Needed data sources are available on demand, data is clean, and there are few barriers to real-time, relevant messaging. 

    Example: They are using a combination of email, SMS, real-time push notifications to communicate with the customer. Multiple data sources from different clouds (Sales, Marketing, Commerce, etc.) are connected through a CDP like Customer 360 Audiences
  • They regularly use advanced analytics and/or AI for reporting and decision-making.

    Example: They are using the advanced dashboards, using Next Best Action, monitoring what customers click on, and know what they’re “liking” and purchasing on a regular basis. The user can predict purchases and revenue based on the data they’ve collected on customer behavior. 

Level Up: 

Contact ListEngage for advanced staff training or strategized support for individual projects, such as introducing an app or launching a new product.

Time to Level Up! 

The Engagers at ListEngage are Salesforce Superheroes who can help you move up the Digital Maturity Spectrum. Contact ListEngage for a free, no-commitment Salesforce consultation. 

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Julie Marques

Julie Marques | Director of Strategic Consulting

Julie Marques brings over 20 years of marketing and strategy experience to her role as the Director of Strategic Consulting at ListEngage. Julie is passionate about consulting with clients to optimize their marketing campaigns through Salesforce Clouds and solutions. Skilled at developing and implementing targeted marketing and data strategies, Julie's deep expertise includes personalizing campaigns, integrating data sources, measuring key performance indicators, testing and optimization, and strategizing key communications across the customer lifecycle.