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New Drag-and-Drop Content Builder has Marketers in Mind

Lynette Rambo | July 26, 2016 

With the July 2016 Release, Salesforce is making the Marketing Cloud’s Email Studio available to all customers with a rolling launch. Email Studio includes an entirely new email creation and send flow to ensure the accuracy of content.

Content Builder is a drag-and-drop content management tool built with the marketer in mind. Consolidate assets in one place, make images and content searchable, and create highly personalized emails without hand coding. Users who still prefer hand coding emails will benefit from the intelligent HTML paste functionality.

New Features of Email Studio

  • Email Creation Flow — Create, edit, and test your content in one unified email workflow experience. Drag content into the persistent preview to create sophisticated emails without the need to code. Use enhanced features to reduce the risk for potential send errors by previewing and testing on a subscriber level. This process helps ensure the correct personalization for each email.
  • Enterprise Level Approvals Workflow — Current Approvals users will benefit from the new approval process tied into the new Content Builder email creation workflow. This distributed approval process ensures emails do not change or send without proper approval.
  • Streamlined Email Sending — This release adds a streamlined, more visual email send flow that uses fewer steps. This new streamlined sending replaces the Guided Send Wizard in Classic Content.
  • Integrated Send Flow Features — This release integrates Content Builder emails with Salesforce and ReturnPath. Accounts integrated with Sales Cloud use the new send flow to send Content Builder emails to Salesforce reports, campaigns, or data extensions. Monitor your send’s deliverability with ReturnPath Inbox Tools.
  • Enhanced Salesforce Sending — Accounts integrated with the Sales Cloud can now access Salesforce Sends.

New Features of Content Builder

With Content Builder, marketers can design content once and use it across all channels. This release starts with Content Builder for Email Studio. Even though Content Builder is inside the Email Studio email creation flow, it can be used as a stand-alone application.

  • Powerful Content Management — This new system includes simple search and filter tools, organization features, and out-of-the-box templates to get you creating your first Content Builder email.
  • Sophisticated Interface to Build Templates and Emails — Content Builder hosts an intuitive content editor complete with drag-and-drop functionality to efficiently build smart templates and emails.
  • Out-of-the-Box-Templates — Now users can choose out-of-the-box templates that are already set up with basic designs and optimized for mobile — or, hand code their own!
  • Location Column Added — For the All Content view, a new Location column shows the location for each piece of content. Click the location name to navigate to that folder.
  • Replace Action — This new feature allows you to replace the content of a source file, such as images or documents. The metadata for these assets will remain the same.
  • Shared with Us View Added — This release adds a new “Shared with Us” view to the Content Builder content grid. Access this view to display content created in other business units and shared with you.
  • Ability to Share Content Builder Emails — Share Content Builder emails across different business units. Shared emails use the view only permission, which means recipients cannot directly edit, test, or send these emails. However, you can easily copy the email and edit it to fit your needs.

Approval Service for Content Builder Emails

Salesforce has also created a new approval service for any account that integrates with the new email creation flow for Content Builder emails. Customers who currently use the legacy approval feature for email will automatically have the new approvals services enabled.

See the July Release Notes for more information about Email Studio and Content Builder.

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Lynette Rambo

Lynette Rambo | Marketing Consultant

Lynette Rambo is a Certified Email Marketing Specialist and a Marketing Consultant for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. She has over 20 years of marketing, communications, design, and public relations experience for both small businesses and larger corporations. As a Marketing Consultant for ListEngage, Lynette consults clients on email marketing best practices, strategic planning, content creation, campaign management, and provides training and demos on the Marketing Cloud. She also works with the Salesforce CRM and connecting Sales and Marketing initiatives. You can contact Lynette at