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Put the Human Touch Back into Email with Distributed Marketing

Russ Wolf | June 16, 2020 

We better start with the obvious question: What is Distributed Marketing? Distributed Marketing is a software bridge created by Salesforce to connect the Marketing Cloud with one of its other services. This bridge allows marketing teams to create emails inside the Marketing Cloud and end user teams in CRM products like Sales, Service, Financial Services, or Community Cloud to personalize and send them. It’s a perfect product for a franchise market scenario in which the local sales or franchise level wants to personalize messages and also take advantage of corporate level created and approved content. Dividing the labor allows for easy, on-brand, on-message emails initiated at the right time by a human being and with the right personal touch of a human being.

The human touch is the charm of Distributed Marketing. In a world of automated, stamped out emails, our subscribers realize they are being broadly targeted. We know that if we can make a connection with them, they are more likely to see our brand positively. Years ago, we created dynamic personalization and addressed the subscriber by their first name and made them think we wrote them that message. They caught on. We got cleverer. We then developed text emails like you write from your desk, using our work signatures. But they were hollow and nonspecific and it gave us away. This is the struggle. We need easy and personal emails with some level of brand, design, and message control.

This is the what Distributed Marketing gives us. It lets us set the slider on the parameters of brand, design, and message control. That control is given by an approval process and three types of custom content builder blocks.

Text Blocks

The first of these blocks are text blocks. Drop a Distributed Marketing text block into an email and it designates an area where the sender can insert up to 4,000 characters. Perhaps a CRM contact makes a purchase and the record owner wants to send them a Thank You email. The marketing team designs and builds a Thank You email and controls where and how much text the record owner can add. Maybe they can write the entire message or maybe they can only add a line of text at the top or bottom of pre-written copy. The contact record owner can personalize the message and send the email.

Image Blocks

The image block allows the marketer to insert up to 12 images that the end users can choose from before sending the email. Consider this use case: we want to allow our sender to change the header banner image to one that fits the tone of their personalized text block. We can make this email so strict that it only has one image or we can have some control by adding multiple images to choose from or we can remove our controls and allow the end user to insert an image by adding a separately hosted URL. Images, just like text lets us decide how much control we impose on our end users.

Multivariate Blocks

The fancy sounding multivariate block lets you code multiple variables into the email that the end user can select from before sending. Maybe you want to give them the option of two or three subject lines or have an informal and formal version or multiple languages of the copy. Each one of these options can be coded into this block, and because it is pre-coded, it requires no user input. It is the most limiting block. Multivariate blocks act like dials, tuning the email to the recipient instead of leaving blanks like mad libs the way the text and image blocks do.

The key here is Distributed Marketing puts the human touch back in email marketing while reducing the technical overhead and still staying consistent to brand and message. It’s flexible, fast, and easy. End users can send a personalized message to 1 or 25,000 people at once. Because Distributed Marketing has divided up the work load, your sales team can focus on sending those relationship building emails and your marketing team can focus on designing and building them. Distributed Marketing is a simple bit of software that helps focus your Sales Team to do what they do best, Sales.

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Russ Wolf | Solutions Architect

Russ has a genuine love and fascination with technology and its transformative role in our everyday lives. He has 5+ years of immersion in the Salesforce ecosystem and a background in web development.