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Salesforce Einstein – Your Data Scientist without the Mustache

Lynette Rambo | April 8, 2017 

Today, we have reached the intersection of the three ingredients needed to create true artificial intelligence: smarter data models, easy access to virtually unlimited amounts of data, and cheap and powerful cloud computing.

– Salesforce

Imagine importing your data into a Cloud app and having it serve up immediate insights into your customers, their habits, and what they’ll probably buy next. You’re already salivating over the sales and marketing possibilities this could provide your business, right?.

If you’re using one of the Salesforce cloud platforms, you already have such a tool. It’s called Einstein, and Salesforce launched it in September 2016. Salesforce Einstein is Artificial Intelligence (AI) for CRM. It was created to make all of Salesforce smarter.

Whether you’re working in sales, marketing, or service, Einstein cleans, preps, and analyzes your data and provides insights and recommendations that help you connect more deeply with your customers. And it’s constantly learning and improving. The more data it has to go on, the smarter it gets.

AI at Its Best

Einstein is AI at its finest. According to Salesforce, Einstein is “a set of advanced AI capabilities that arms every Salesforce customer with the ability to be smarter and more predictive about their customers.” It’s built right into Salesforce’s apps. Einstein discovers insights, predicts outcomes, recommends next steps, and automates tasks for business users.

Since Einstein is integrated into the products themselves, businesses can begin applying the technology immediately. Some features are already included in existing Salesforce licenses. See the Salesforce Einstein Data Sheet for details.

Which Salesforce Clouds are Supported?

  • Sales Cloud — Einstein helps you sell smarter by helping you prioritize the highest value leads and revealing which opportunities are most likely to close.
  • Service Cloud — Transform customer experiences with personalized service driven by deeper customer insights, identification of trends, and increased efficiency.
  • Marketing Cloud — Einstein gives you deeper insight into your customers, analyzes social conversations, uncovers the optimal sequence of events to optimize every journey, and helps you build better audiences.
  • Community Cloud —Tailor content to each community member, help members find certified experts, and intelligently display the most interesting discussions within your company.
  • Analytics — Find the patterns in your data within minutes so you can predict future trends.
  • App Cloud — With embedded intelligence, you can create smart, predictive apps for employees and customers.
  • Commerce Cloud — Make personalized recommendations to every shopper, tailor content for each customer email, and use your data to gain actionable merchandise insights.

Companies that embrace the AI opportunity will be able to create the modern experiences their customers expect — connecting with them on all their devices, analyzing their data to get to know them better, and being able to anticipate and predict in order to better serve them.


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Lynette Rambo

Lynette Rambo | Marketing Consultant

Lynette Rambo is a Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant, Administrator, Email Specialist, and Trainer. She has worked in marketing and communications for more than 20 years and with Salesforce Marketing Cloud since 2012. As a Marketing Consultant and Trainer for ListEngage, Lynette helps clients learn Marketing Cloud functionality, email marketing best practices, and effective campaign management. She also works with the Salesforce CRM and connecting Sales and Marketing initiatives. You can contact Lynette at