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10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Salesforce Consultant

Julie Marques | March 11, 2021 

The Salesforce line of products is a powerful business and marketing tool that companies can use to improve organizational efficiency, connect siloed teams, and provide a seamless, relevant experience to their customers. Powerful technology, though, requires more training and skill to use properly, making it a challenge for businesses to fully leverage the Salesforce platform successfully without support. Fully leveraging Salesforce is necessary for a business to maximize their ROI. This is where official Salesforce partners come in. 

ListEngage’s team of Engagers use their Salesforce platform experience and expertise to transition businesses to using the platform, but also to guide those already using Salesforce to get more out of the platform, troubleshoot issues, and create complex campaigns to accomplish specific goals. Salesforce-certified partners like us are able to do things like:

  • Integrate and sync third-party apps.
  • Set up data collection at consumer touchpoints and reports for data evaluation.
  • Design multi-channel marketing campaigns combining email, social media, content, etc.
  • Provide platform and campaign insights and recommendations to enhance future roadmap and initiatives.

If you don’t employ any Salesforce experts, then you’re probably not getting the most out of the platform and a trusted partner would be an asset. However, before choosing a partner, there are important questions you should ask in order to choose the best one. Here’s a list of questions our Engagers recommend:

  1. What are their certifications?
    Ask if they are Salesforce certified, and ask which certifications they have. There are currently 30 Salesforce certifications in five different areas. In combination, our Engagers have over 100 Salesforce certifications total!
  1. What’s the cost and what are your payment options?
    When you look to see how much you have available for a Salesforce partnership, remember the investment you make will contribute to your business getting a greater return in sales by better utilizing the platform. Those sales will also accumulate over time. 
  1. What’s the experience level of the team?
    Ask how long the company has been in operation and how long their team members have been on staff. You can also ask how long they’ve been using Salesforce and if they’re solely dedicated to the Salesforce platform. ListEngage lists some of its past work on its website and has been transforming how businesses use marketing automation for over 17 years!
  1. What do other businesses have to say about them?
    You can look for reviews online to see what past clients have said about working with your potential Salesforce partner. All official Salesforce partners also have an online rating based on verified reviews users leave in the Salesforce system. Think about asking your potential partners to show you case studies or specific results they’ve had with previous clients.
  1. How will they analyze and evaluate your current Salesforce use?
    A good Salesforce partner will take a detailed look at your business’ internal processes and gain an in-depth understanding of how your use of Salesforce fits into what you do. Based on their assessment, they can then put together solid strategies for you to get from where you are now to where you want to go. 
  1. Will their plan be scalable?
    You want a team that has the future in mind. Salesforce partners who understand how technology changes and how businesses can grow will be able to put together a plan with provisions for how your business might change in the future.
  1. How long will it take?
    Ask them if they can give you a total timeline and shorter timelines for each phase of their process. Also ask them what possible obstacles they might encounter in trying to reach your goals. Then, you’ll be able to anticipate any possible delays. 
  1. How will they make it measurable?
    No matter what your goals, you need a way to measure the return on your investment. Ask them how you’ll be able to measure the increased engagement and any direct increase in sales based on their strategies. 
  1. What third parties do they work with?
    In order to attain your goals, it might be necessary to include a third-party app. Salesforce allows a long list of app integrations through an open API. Ask them what third-party apps they’ve integrated in the past and if they think a third-party app might be needed to accomplish their strategies.  
  1. How will they securely access our system?
    Obviously, in order to analyze how your business is currently using Salesforce and create the best strategies, a Salesforce partner will need access to your system. Ask how many on their team will be accessing it, and how they recommend doing that securely in order to best protect your business.

The ListEngage Engagers can answer all of these questions and more! Contact us to learn how the Engagers can increase your ROI and get more out of Salesforce for you. 

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Julie Marques

Julie Marques | Director of Strategic Consulting

Julie Marques brings over 20 years of marketing and strategy experience to her role as the Director of Strategic Consulting at ListEngage. Julie is passionate about consulting with clients to optimize their marketing campaigns through Salesforce Clouds and solutions. Skilled at developing and implementing targeted marketing and data strategies, Julie's deep expertise includes personalizing campaigns, integrating data sources, measuring key performance indicators, testing and optimization, and strategizing key communications across the customer lifecycle.