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Best Apps to Integrate with Salesforce in 2021

Garrett Samuels | June 7, 2021 

The Salesforce platform is such a powerful set of tools it seems to do everything but balance your checking account for you … if anyone actually does that anymore. For whatever it doesn’t do, there are thousands of apps that can easily be integrated with the platform through the AppExchange. 

Which ones are the most useful? Obviously, it depends on the needs of your business. There are apps for dev ops, data analysis, document generation, data cleansing, geolocation, and more. 

Here’s a list of some of what we Engagers think are the best and most efficient apps to seamlessly extend the power of the platform, making it even more robust. 

Core Apps (Sales & Service Cloud)

  • Conga Composer
    Generates formatted documents (word, excel, ppt) from your CRM data with the click of a button.
  • Xactly
    Incentivizes your sales team while at the same time automating complex commissions calculations.
  • Docusign 
    The popular e-signature app plays really well with Salesforce.
  • Box
    This leading cloud file storage integrates seamlessly with Salesforce.
  • PandaDoc 
    Proposal, contract and document solution. 
  • FormAssembly
    Create intelligent web forms that integrate with your CRM data. Think web-to-lead but web-to-anything. Embed complex query logic within the forms and even prefill form data from your CRM.
  • Ring Central
    The leading CTI (telephony) integration provider.
  • DemandTools
    An app in the traditional sense of the word. Install on your local machine and quickly identify and reconcile duplicates within your CRM.
  • Ownbackup
    A very user-friendly tool to schedule regular back-ups of your CRM data.
  • Insight Planner
    A Project Management tool built natively for Salesforce.
  • Ringlead Field Trip
    Take care of your custom-field bloat quickly and easily. Identify which fields can get the axe.
  • Rollup Helper
    Declaratively aggregate data between Lookup relationships; get the same rollup summary field functionality available in Master Detail relationships, but with lookup relationships! 

Marketing Cloud Apps

  • Query Studio
  • SFMC + Quip
  • SalesWings B2B Studio for Marketing Cloud
  • JourneyMail Salesforce Direct Mail Integration 
  • Deployment Manager

From the best chatbots to the best babysitters for your digital adoption, HERE ARE MORE relevant apps for 2021.

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Garrett Samuels | Solutions Architect

Garrett is an 13x certified Solutions Architect who is passionate about scaling business operations with the power of the Salesforce platform. A Salesforce ecosystem veteran of over ten years, he most recently became a certified Application Architect on his journey to Technical Architect. When he is not blazing digital trails, he enjoys hiking, skiing, surfing and spending time with his family.