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3 Best Ways to Engage Customers in 2021

Altaf Shaikh | January 18, 2021 

COVID changed the way people interact with businesses in 2020, and the change is most-likely permanent. According to Salesforce’s State of the Connected Customer:

  • 57% of customers say they’ve changed how they engage with companies.
  • 63% of customers say they’ve changed the way they purchase goods and services.

Habits can be hard to break, and now that customers are more dependent on digital channels to learn about new products and make purchases, they’re not likely to abandon those channels once COVID is no longer an issue. This means, in order to stay competitive in 2021, businesses need to better use these channels to create a more personalized and unified customer experience. Here are the three best ways to do that. 

1. Improve Mobile Experience

70% of internet users increased their use of smartphones as a direct result of the pandemic, meaning your business’ presence on mobile is necessary. You should be optimizing your business’ website and emails for mobile use, encouraging the use of your app if you have one, and using SMS through Salesforce to send notifications and offers. 

There are many ways you can use Salesforce to optimize your customer’s mobile experience. If you have an app, you can better market with mobile phone alerts, deals, or discounts to drive in-app purchases. To target people at the right time and place, you can create geofenced messages automatically sending promotions to your customers when they enter within a certain radius of your location. You can also:

  • Build better user profiles by capturing data on location, device type, and user preferences and behaviors.
  • Drive engagement by sending relevant messages based on customer preferences and messages triggered by their behaviors.
  • Create pages just for mobile and deliver them by push notifications, sharing items like event maps or restaurant menus.

In order to set up SMS, there are multiple forms to submit and guidelines to meet (such as customer opt-in). ListEngage is specifically qualified to guide you through the challenges of creating SMS campaigns. We’re one of only a few Salesforce partners certified to enable short codes and implement SMS campaigns. Here are some of the ways you can use Salesforce for SMS:

  • Text to subscribe
  • Text to win – event specific and in-store
  • Voting/polling
  • Appointment confirmations and reminders
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Delivery notifications
  • Returns received/credited
  • Payments due
  • Payments received
  • Over credit card limit

2. Increase Connectivity

80% of consumer and business buyers say their customer experience is as important as the product. With consumers spending less overall post-COVID, businesses with the best customer service and experience will get more of the small sliver consumers are giving right now. Using Salesforce to integrate your sales, service, and marketing efforts is critical to delivering the unified customer experience and achieving the highest standard of service.

For example, it might be annoying for a customer to get an email advertising the sale of an item they already purchased, or one for which they opened a support ticket and rated poorly. Connecting these silos prevents those situations from happening and personalizes the customer journey for everyone. 

However, imagine if you could turn a broadcasted text message into a two-way conversation with your service department? Now that’s customer-focused service! Combining your marketing and service clouds in this way is one example of how ListEngage regularly provides greater connectivity for those we serve. 

3. Improve Customer-based Automation

Personalized, automated communication with your customers will not only keep them informed and provide great service, it will also boost sales. For example, automated emails increase revenue, and their conversion rate is 5-10 times higher than promotional newsletters. Automated notifications are always relevant to your customers because they’re triggering those messages with their own behaviors.

One way ListEngage uses customer-based automation to deliver more relevant experiences is by implementing Salesforce’s Interaction Studio. The tool collects customer data from different sources, builds individual profiles, and uses sophisticated AI to better segment audiences, allowing you to engage customers individually in real time. 46% of marketers are now using machine learning for personalization (Salesforce). Interaction Studio can determine next-best offers or steps for each customer, make product recommendations, and trigger personalized messages and notifications based on customer behaviors–even in anticipation of customer behaviors. It also allows you to customize what individuals see on your website or trigger time-based messages to inactive customers.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about the Salesforce tools you can use to boost engagement in 2021.

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Altaf Shaikh

Altaf Shaikh | Founder, CEO

Altaf Shaikh is the Founder and CEO of ListEngage. When people were still using dial up and the words ‘marketing’ and ‘automation’ were seldomly used together, Altaf became obsessed with finding and creating automated marketing solutions. Altaf’s background in Computer Science and Engineering made him re-think how he could use new and emerging digital technologies to engage people in unique and relevant ways with the right mix of brand, data and analytics. That passion led Altaf to become a marketing automation expert. Altaf started ListEngage in 2003 to help companies transform their digital marketing programs. Under Altaf’s leadership, ListEngage has grown to become a top-rated partner in the Salesforce ecosystem, has served 3000+ customers and earned multiple awards, such as: ExactTarget Global Services Award, the Inc. 5000 award three consecutive years, the Boston Business Journal's FAST 50 two years in a row and the Top 20 Salesforce Provider award by CIO magazine. Altaf and the ListEngage team love bringing their years of hard work, expertise, certification and acquired “superpowers” to help customers maximize their investment in Salesforce. Contact Altaf at