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Becoming a Digital Leader with Guilda Hilaire

Altaf Shaikh | March 12, 2021 

ListEngage CEO Altaf Shaikh sits down with Digital Industry Veteran Guilda Hilaire. For over 15 years Guilda has spearheaded the use and optimization of Salesforce, working with major brands such as CVS, Aetna Health, Liberty Mutual, and Johnson and Johnson. She’s well-known in the Salesforce community for her passion for thought leadership, education, and training on the Salesforce platform. In this episode, Guilda describes how she’s led these companies to evolve their digital marketing and how she helps trailblazers grow their digital marketing strategy.

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Altaf Shaikh

Altaf Shaikh | Founder, CEO

Altaf Shaikh is the Founder and CEO of ListEngage. When people were still using dial up and the words ‘marketing’ and ‘automation’ were seldomly used together, Altaf became obsessed with finding and creating automated marketing solutions. Altaf’s background in Computer Science and Engineering made him re-think how he could use new and emerging digital technologies to engage people in unique and relevant ways with the right mix of brand, data and analytics. That passion led Altaf to become a marketing automation expert. Altaf started ListEngage in 2003 to help companies transform their digital marketing programs. Under Altaf’s leadership, ListEngage has grown to become a top-rated partner in the Salesforce ecosystem, has served 3000+ customers and earned multiple awards, such as: ExactTarget Global Services Award, the Inc. 5000 award three consecutive years, the Boston Business Journal's FAST 50 two years in a row and the Top 20 Salesforce Provider award by CIO magazine. Altaf and the ListEngage team love bringing their years of hard work, expertise, certification and acquired “superpowers” to help customers maximize their investment in Salesforce. Contact Altaf at