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Is the Plain Text Version of an Email Still Necessary?

Lynette Rambo | October 13, 2015 

The plain text version of an email may not be as exciting or fun as designing the HTML version, but it is still an important part of a well-rounded email marketing program. While HTML emails generally feature images, different fonts, a variety of color options, as well as clickable links, the text only version is […]

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Sharpen Your Axe

Jake Gibbs | October 9, 2015 

Two men, Paul and Steve, raced to cut down equally sized, massive oak trees, known for their dense, tough wood. Both worked furiously, hacking away at the giants, chips flying away with each swing. A few hours in, Paul stopped chopping and went out of sight for a full hour. Steve, feeling he could get […]

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Team Spotlight – Mike Newman, Senior Project Manager

Lynette Rambo | October 6, 2015 

“Goooooood mornin’, everybody!!”  Anyone who tunes in to WMFO in Boston on Saturday mornings will be familiar with Mike Newman’s cheerful intro to his radio show “Mike on the Mic.” Radio is Mike’s hobby, but his day job is being ListEngage’s Senior Project Manager. Affectionately called “Newman” by his coworkers (a throwback to Seinfeld days), […]

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