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Marketers and Designers: Yin and Yang

Jake Gibbs | August 18, 2015 

In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang describe how two opposite or contrary forces actually complement each other in an interconnected, interdependent fashion. In fact, yin and yang reflects how two different things could not exist without the other. In our media-centric society, marketing and design have become yin and yang. While their natures are seemingly […]

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Desktopia: Creating Your Ideal Workspace

Jake Gibbs | August 14, 2015 

While your job may be far from a utopia due to factors largely outside of your control (boss, employees, clients, coworkers, etc), you have nearly 100% control in creating your own desktopia – your personalized happy place that makes your work more productive, healthy, and enjoyable. Your workspace layout and overall feel have more of […]

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Team Spotlight – Anthony Slusher, Solutions Architect

Lynette Rambo | August 12, 2015 

Ask anybody who works for ListEngage what’s special about our company, and you’ll probably hear words like professionalism, teamwork, camaraderie and family. Yes, definitely family. So, when one member of the family suffers, we all suffer, and when one celebrates, we all join in.  The purpose of this blog post is to celebrate one of […]

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