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The Value of Open APIs

Carlos Monney | January 26, 2022 

What’s an Open API? One of the things that makes Salesforce so powerful is its ability to tie together such a wide range of other apps and services. It pulls together customer and company data that would otherwise be locked away in various departments—Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, IT, etc.—and enables companies to use that data […]

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Tech Stack

Arseniy Chuprun | January 12, 2022 

Everyday we flip back and forth between dozens of apps and tools to get work done. And in the marketing world, that set of tools continues to grow. From email marketing and social media management tools to CRM platforms and analytics suites (and much more), the martech landscape has seen over 5,233% growth in the […]

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How to Use Marketing Automation to Create Better Customer Profiles

Bryan da Frota | December 9, 2021 

Eighty-four percent of customers say that, when it comes to winning their business, they expect businesses to treat them like an individual person, not a number in a giant sea of others. That means serving up experiences that speak directly to them—their pain points, needs, preferences—across all customer journey touchpoints. Gone are the days of […]

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