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Becoming a Digital Leader with Guilda Hilaire

Altaf Shaikh | March 12, 2021 

ListEngage CEO Altaf Shaikh sits down with Digital Industry Veteran Guilda Hilaire. For over 15 years Guilda has spearheaded the use and optimization of Salesforce, working with major brands such as CVS, Aetna Health, Liberty Mutual, and Johnson and Johnson. She’s well-known in the Salesforce community for her passion for thought leadership, education, and training […]

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10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Salesforce Consultant

Julie Marques | March 11, 2021 

The Salesforce line of products is a powerful business and marketing tool that companies can use to improve organizational efficiency, connect siloed teams, and provide a seamless, relevant experience to their customers. Powerful technology, though, requires more training and skill to use properly, making it a challenge for businesses to fully leverage the Salesforce platform […]

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Level Up your Salesforce Program

Julie Marques | February 25, 2021 

Do you feel like you’re not getting everything you could be out of your Salesforce investment? You’re not alone. 67% of marketing leaders say creating a connected customer journey across all touchpoints and channels is critical to their success, but only 23% of them are “extremely satisfied” with their ability to leverage all the data […]

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