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Optimizing the Customer Life Cycle with Drew Brennan

Bryan da Frota | May 21, 2021 

ListEngage COO Bryan da Frota talks with Drew Brennan about his years of experience working with companies to achieve digital transformation. Working as an account executive for ExactTarget, Salesforce, and now, ListEngage, Brennan shares why email is still the best way to engage and reach customers personally, why businesses need to think about more than […]

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Ten Best Practices for Marketing with SMS and Mobile Studio

Dawn McKitty | May 19, 2021 

When you send a customer an email, they might see it in a day or two, but they may not open it. It’s also possible they might not even see it because it gets filtered to a folder other than their main inbox. However, if you send your customer an SMS message, they’ll probably see […]

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7 Ways You Can Automate Lead Nurturing

Bryan da Frota | May 5, 2021 

You’ve got a beautiful website that offers gated content, people regularly subscribe to your newsletter, and your account execs add new prospects to your CRM daily. You have no problem initiating relationships with those in your target audience! What’s keeping you from converting more of those prospects and making more sales is properly nurturing your […]

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