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Unleash the Synergistic Power of Dataroma + Marketing Cloud

Caroline Nash | August 5, 2020 

Every marketer faces the mandate to measure the success of their campaigns against KPIs and to constantly pivot based on key insights informed by their consumers’ engagement. Connecting and unifying data from disparate sources, and associating marketing investments to business outcomes, is one of the top challenges we marketers face.

Datorama’s connectors to Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Journeys, SMS, Push, Email), Social Studio, and Pardot, enables the marketer to leverage powerful visualization tools, to perform advanced analytics and to generate deeper insights across all their Marketing Cloud campaigns (and other media sources!)

Not only does the marketer see these valuable insights, they can also act in an efficient and agile manner. Based on use cases, goals are set and actions triggered. If a KPI or set measurement goal is missed, a notification will be triggered in real-time allowing the marketer to quickly make adjustments to optimize their campaigns. Datorama’s proprietary data services allows the marketer to have confidence in the associated insights and recommendations and thus have confidence in their marketing decisions.

If you answer ‘yes’ to the below, Datorama may be right for you:

  • Do you struggle to understand the value (ROI) of your marketing initiatives and find it difficult to extract actionable insights from them?
  • Do you wonder which channel or campaign is performing best?
  • Do you have multiple siloed platforms – and need to unite the marketing performance data?
  • Are you unable to to pivot quickly based on your campaigns’ performance?

ListEngage can help you incrementally drive value with Datorama by starting with ‘bite-sized’ use-cases, so you can see immediate results; and grow from there.

Learn more about Einstein Marketing Insights powered by Datorama.

Beyond being a top Salesforce Marketing Cloud partner, ListEngage is also a certified Datorama partner. If you would like to learn more about how you can increase your marketing ROI by harnessing the power of Datorama, please reach out to us at

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Caroline Nash | Director of Alliances

Caroline is a business development professional, specializing in marrying consulting, implementation and ongoing managed services with Salesforce solutions to deliver personalized customer experiences.