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Salesforce Sessions With Sean Dutkwych: How Salesforce AEs Can Help Their Clients Navigate the Digital Marketing Landscape

Bryan da Frota | May 5, 2022 

The sheer number of products and services available today can make developing effective marketing strategies overwhelming!

In our latest podcast episode, ListEngage COO, Bryan da Frota, sat down with Senior Account Executive Sean Dutkwych to discuss how Salesforce AE’s can help their clients navigate the digital marketing landscape. Sean has worked across an array of industries and with more than 20 years of Salesforce experience as an employee, end user, and now partner, he is uniquely equipped to advise on how to get the most out of Salesforce products.

In this episode Bryan and Sean cover the following topics.

Simplify To Achieve Success

With so many options in the marketing space, how can you help your client pinpoint their needs and identify the right tools to meet those needs?

  1. Determine Their Goals: Start by clarifying your client’s primary need or pain point. Then create clear goals for addressing those needs.
  2. Simplify The Solution: Meet your clients where they are, in terms of their expertise. Keep them focused on the desired results for their goals, rather than bogging them down with technical details.
  3. Connect The Dots: Let them know how you will support them and ensure they’re confident that the Salesforce Marketing Cloud will achieve their goals.

Could a Full Audit Be the Key to Marketing Strategy?

It might be intimidating for some to articulate specific goals especially when they may be unsure of what they want, much less what they actually need. In these cases, companies can benefit from a full audit of their current marketing strategy to point them to modern solutions and the tools needed to achieve engagement goals.

In their conversation, Bryan and Sean break down how to accomplish the goal setting process and get on the right track towards identifying and achieving goals.

Why Engagement Matters

Consumers now expect a higher level of engagement than ever before, and companies need to meet this transition. From suggestions at the grocery store about what was forgotten to appointment confirmations via texts, being able to engage more intentionally with people is crucial for any company’s marketing success. 

Don’t Get Left Behind in the Marketing World

It can feel overwhelming to research options, identify new goals and strategies, and then make a final decision about which direction to take a team’s marketing. While it can be scary to take the leap, it’s crucial to keep moving forward and not lose ground to competitors. At ListEngage, we care about helping you find the right solutions to achieve your goals. Take a listen to the guidance from Bryan and Sean in the latest podcast, which will help you make the value of Salesforce clear and specific for any marketing team. If you have any questions, contact us to schedule a conversation.

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Bryan da Frota | Chief Operating Officer

Bryan is the Chief Operating Officer at ListEngage. He’s a successful entrepreneur, investor, and technology expert in the areas of marketing automation, digital transformation, and autonomous systems. Bryan has an extensive background in new market penetration and business development.