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QR Codes are Gathering Steam, How Can Marketers Take Advantage?

Bryan da Frota | March 10, 2022 

QR codes are now everywhere you look. Those square-shaped barcodes are printed on ads, product packaging, receipts, and even mobile websites and apps. 

They’re a great way to give people easy access to your website, but they have far greater strategic uses many businesses don’t realize. For example, did you know QR (Quick Response) codes are an excellent way to capture instant user experience reviews for your company?

How are QR Codes and Reviews Related?

Few things are more valuable to a business today than positive online reviews. They keep ratings high on platforms like Yelp and Google, and they provide powerful encouragement for consumers who like to do their research. 

They’re also hard to get! 

It’s so hard to get people to take the time to share positive feedback. Anything that makes it easier and more convenient to leave one is invaluable. QR codes provide a safe, touch-free, convenient way for people to respond to your request for a review. 

Benefits of Using QR Codes to Capture Reviews

There are many reasons why using QR Codes for reviews is a great strategy to deploy. Here are just a few of our favorites: 

  • They enable you to get real-time feedback from users while the experience is still fresh in their minds.
  • Anyone can use them! There’s no special software needed to scan, so any brand of device can read them quickly and easily. 
  • QR codes can be placed anywhere you need—on receipts, pamphlets, packaging even on tickets
  • Customers don’t have to go out of their way to go to a website or fill out a form, making them more likely to provide their valuable feedback

Reviews are One of Many Ways to Leverage QR Codes

QR codes make it easier to collect the valuable feedback needed to promote your business, and they’re simple and easy to implement. 

They also provide endless other ways to improve your customer experience

  • Make it easier for customers to make payments.
  • Make it easier to access important information like directions to a location or the download site for your app. (Which of course is also designed to make life easier for the customer!)
  • Improve their experience from behind the scenes by using QR codes to improve inventory tracking, shipping, and the speed at which customers receive their orders.
  • Use them at events to make it easy for people to access the event. Track their attendance and activity throughout the event to make future improvements. 

Learn more about the many uses of QR codes in this excellent overview.   

And reach out to us to learn how to use Salesforce to empower these kinds of customer experience strategies. 

At ListEngage, we spend every day guiding clients through ways to leverage Salesforce to improve the customer experience. Every little detail, down to the QR code which makes it easier to leave a review, makes a difference. If you have questions, contact us to schedule a conversation. 

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Bryan da Frota | Chief Operating Officer

Bryan is the Chief Operating Officer at ListEngage. He’s a successful entrepreneur, investor, and technology expert in the areas of marketing automation, digital transformation, and autonomous systems. Bryan has an extensive background in new market penetration and business development.