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Marketing Automations You Should Be Running

Bryan da Frota | May 25, 2022 

In an increasingly digital world, it can feel impossible to keep up with everything that makes a successful marketing strategy. Marketing automation is key to managing the workload, maintaining successful campaigns, and growing your business as efficiently as possible.

You’re probably already using some of the valuable automations available to you, but there are likely a few you can still add to your marketing toolkit. Read on for some of the top marketing processes you should be automating. 

Automating Sales 

Nurturing Leads: Take the manual labor out of lead management and let your marketing automation tool do the heavy lifting of storing, categorizing, scoring, and communicating to your Leads. As you’re thinking through your lead management strategy, be sure to explore automation capabilities for:

  • Categorizing your leads based on their readiness to convert, enabling your team to prioritize leads that are on the brink of converting over those that need more time
  • Nurturing your leads by automatically following up with prospective clients via email, saving your team valuable time

Automating Service

Leveraging AI Chatbots: Artificial Intelligence assistants and chatbots ensure consistent follow up and instant responses even outside of business hours or during times of peak traffic. By automating responses to commonly asked and easily answered questions, they ensure leads don’t lose interest while waiting for a response from a live person.

Automating Marketing

Cross-Channel Marketing Campaigns: Robust marketing platforms will allow you to save hours of manual follow-up by sending messaging based on your subscribers’ specific actions and interests, on the preferred channel for that individual like email, SMS, or push notification. Automated messages are one of your most powerful assets in maintaining relationships with leads and nudging them forward in your sales and marketing funnels. They enable you, for instance, to easily reach out at strategic moments, like when a customer leaves items in their cart without purchasing. 

Managing Social Media: Powerful publishing tools make it possible to automate your social media presence by scheduling posts, engaging with followers, and gaining insight statistics across multiple platforms at once. This helps you maintain a consistent presence across different social media platforms while increasing customer engagement and brand awareness. 

Tracking Marketing Performance: Even the best constructed campaign isn’t very useful if you’re not tracking your MROI (Marketing Return on Investments). Use your marketing automation platform to create reports to be distributed to the right stakeholders at the right cadence. Depending on your platform, you may also be able to create powerful marketing performance dashboards and visualizations that not only provide the results, but also display them in a way for leaders to easily understand trends.

Automating System Processes

Integrating Your Platforms: The average marketing tech stack is growing more complicated every year. It’s more important than ever to simplify and automate where possible. Don’t take valuable time with manual file imports when most marketing automation tools allow you to set up batch feed or API-driven data integrations. These automated integrations ensure vital information, like conversion data, doesn’t fall through the cracks due to human error.

Automations in your marketing campaigns are paramount to maximizing your marketing efforts, while saving you time and money. They’re also a great tool for improving customer experience.

These automations and many more are available through Saleforce’s extensive suite of products.

At ListEngage, we spend every day helping clients improve their business, including mastering the art and science of automation! If you have questions, contact us to schedule a conversation.

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Bryan da Frota | Chief Operating Officer

Bryan is the Chief Operating Officer at ListEngage. He’s a successful entrepreneur, investor, and technology expert in the areas of marketing automation, digital transformation, and autonomous systems. Bryan has an extensive background in new market penetration and business development.