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Avoid These Common SMS Marketing Mistakes

Dawn McKitty | November 1, 2021 

Thanks to pandemic-influenced behavior change, Americans spend more time each day on their phones, prompting Forbes to laud text messaging (aka “SMS”) as “the marketing tool of the future.” According to Forbes, consumers respond to SMS marketing faster than they do to other marketing, and SMS’s one-to-one nature provides a more personalized way to connect with your audience.

But before you start shooting out text messages to your customers and prospects, take a moment to consider some of the common SMS marketing mistakes and how to avoid them. 

Mistake #1: Sending messages that are too long. Messages should be as short and direct as possible (ideally 160 characters or less to avoid being automatically broken up into multiple messages)

Mistake #2: Not having a clear purpose that directly benefits the recipient. Texts are best for sending quick information or follow-ups, like reminders, confirmations, or special offers.

Mistake #3: Texting without opt-in. As tempting as it may be to use every phone number you’ve collected, just like with email marketing, you need to have explicit permission to send people marketing text messages. Texting without consent isn’t just a marketing faux paus—it can result in legal penalties and mobile carriers shutting you down.

Mistake #4: Not providing an opt-out. It’s considered proper texting etiquette to always give recipients an option to decline future messages. Similar to Mistake #3, failing to provide people with a clear way out is a violation of SMS compliance guidelines and can get you in hot water both legally and with mobile carriers. 

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Dawn McKitty | Solutions Architect

Dawn is a 3x certified Solutions Architect who serves as the subject matter expert for SMS marketing at ListEngage. She has successfully helped many clients get into the mobile channel by enabling their short code provisioning process, training them in the use of the Salesforce MobileConnect platform and providing implementation strategy for SMS messaging solutions in omni-channel journeys. Dawn has worked with multiple clients in assorted categories such as healthcare, financial, CPG, and hospitality. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and has previously worked as an Implementation Engineer in the telecommunications field. With Dawn’s technical background and nine years of consulting in the Salesforce ecosystem, she brings a wealth of mobile and digital marketing experience to her projects.