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7 Ways You Can Automate Lead Nurturing

Bryan da Frota | May 5, 2021 

You’ve got a beautiful website that offers gated content, people regularly subscribe to your newsletter, and your account execs add new prospects to your CRM daily. You have no problem initiating relationships with those in your target audience! What’s keeping you from converting more of those prospects and making more sales is properly nurturing your leads. With so many prospects, it’s impossible for your sales team to individually nurture every one through your sales process. However, you can personally nurture every lead with marketing automation using Salesforce. 

Marketing automation workflows are the secret that makes nurture programs so efficient and effective. Learn 7 workflows you can automate to guide your prospects from one end of your process to the other. Read more HERE.

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Bryan da Frota | Chief Operating Officer

Bryan is the Chief Operating Officer at ListEngage. He’s a successful entrepreneur, investor, and technology expert in the areas of marketing automation, digital transformation, and autonomous systems. Bryan has an extensive background in new market penetration and business development.