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Wrapping Up Your Holiday Prep

Anna Michaud | August 30, 2022 

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Put Optimized ROI Reporting on your Holiday Wishlist

Angela Fabek | August 24, 2022 

The holidays are still several months away but if you work in the retail industry you’ve likely already started determining your holiday digital marketing strategy and will spend the next few months planning and finalizing all of the details. But what happens once it’s time to start deploying those campaigns and bringing in holiday revenue? […]

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Getting Ready for the 2022 Holidays – Is Your MarTech Stack Set Up for Personalizing at Scale With Automation?

Mark Brozyna | August 18, 2022 

Today’s customers are expecting more than ever that relevant content be served to them — but how? How do we build and serve this content across your entire subscriber list? In our past few blog posts, ListEngage has provided recommendations to prepare you for the 2022 holiday season, including describing the importance of having the […]

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Segmentation: Why and How

Arseniy Chuprun | August 11, 2022 

The Why As marketers it’s our job to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Doing so improves the customer experience, increases customer retention, prevents attrition, and boosts revenue. How can marketers ensure they are doing this? The answer is simple: audience segmentation.  But why, exactly, is the right person, […]

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