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Team Spotlight – Mike Newman, Senior Project Manager

Lynette Rambo | October 6, 2015 

“Goooooood mornin’, everybody!!”  Anyone who tunes in to WMFO in Boston on Saturday mornings will be familiar with Mike Newman’s cheerful intro to his radio show “Mike on the Mic.”

Radio is Mike’s hobby, but his day job is being ListEngage’s Senior Project Manager. Affectionately called “Newman” by his coworkers (a throwback to Seinfeld days), Mike has worked with ListEngage since December, 2012. Having received his Bachelor of Science in Sales & Marketing from Suffolk University, Mike’s email marketing experience actually spans more than 20 years.

Project Management at Its Finest!

ListEngage’s Project Managers are responsible for moving email marketing projects along as quickly and efficiently as possible while forging positive and lasting relationships with both clients and staff. Project managers not only manage project scope and deliverability, but act as a liaison between the client and assigned technical personnel. So, in addition to “knowing their stuff” from all angles, they must also be good at coaching and building interpersonal relationships. As Sr. Project Manager, Mike often serves in a leadership capacity among the team at ListEngage, as well.

Over the past three years, Mike has worked with a countless number of clients – from small businesses to giants in a wide variety of industries. His clients have included: Cracker Barrel, Girl Scouts of America, New York Stock Exchange, Harvard University, Kraft Foods, Little League Baseball, Texas Children’s Hospital, MetLife, and Universal Studios, to name a few.

It’s About Relationships

“It’s all about putting a human touch to things … My favorites are the enduring relationships that have led to successful engagements. That’s what I live for.”
Mike Newman, Sr. Project Manager

When asked if he has any particular memorable experiences to share, Mike reflected, “The standout experiences are when we’ve worked with really, really nice people.  I really appreciate the ones who are willing to build a relationship with us.” He shared the time he and Carlos, one of ListEngage’s Technical Leads, went to dinner with Chubb & Son in New York City and had a chance to spend several hours getting to know them and the difference that has made on the project.  “It’s all about putting a human touch to things,” he continued. “Sometimes in the corporate world, people get so busy that everything becomes just business, meetings, task lists and deadlines. It can be cold and impersonal. My favorites are the enduring relationships that have led to successful engagements.  That’s what I live for.”

Back to Mike on the Mic

Mike began his interest in radio in 1983 as an intern with WBCN – the number one station in Boston and one of the most renowned in the country. This eventually led to his own radio show with WMFO at Tufts University. On “Mike on the Mic,” listeners are exposed to a wide range of free-form music.  While Mike does take requests either by phone or on Facebook, he explained, “My listeners generally have no idea what’s coming up next. In fact, I often don’t know, because I’m basing each song on the vibe at the moment. I go with my gut.” And, anyone who knows Mike would agree that style suits his laid back, easy-going personality.

Tune in and listen to our favorite “smooth talker” here at ListEngage. You can catch “Mike on the Mic” every Saturday morning from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. EST at www. Just click on “Listen Now.”

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Lynette Rambo

Lynette Rambo | Marketing Consultant

Lynette Rambo is a Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant, Administrator, Email Specialist, and Trainer. She has worked in marketing and communications for more than 20 years and with Salesforce Marketing Cloud since 2012. As a Marketing Consultant and Trainer for ListEngage, Lynette helps clients learn Marketing Cloud functionality, email marketing best practices, and effective campaign management. She also works with the Salesforce CRM and connecting Sales and Marketing initiatives. You can contact Lynette at