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Shane Smith Boasts $39 Million in Sales AND a 21-Game Losing Streak

Lynette Rambo | February 9, 2017 

Meet the newest member of the team – Shane Smith, ListEngage’s Senior Business Development Executive. Shane joined ListEngage in December 2016, but is no stranger to the Salesforce ecosystem.

Shane currently lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife, Angie, and their children, Cooper and Sloane. But, at heart, he’s a “Midwestern guy with Mid-Western American values.” He describes himself as an open book, flexible and easygoing with an outgoing personality and enthusiasm for life.

His business philosophy is fairly straightforward. He doesn’t like to waste anyone’s time. Cooper and Sloane will tell you Shane is an enthusiast for the Golden Rule, moderation, and making smart decisions.

21-Game Losing Streak

Shane grew up in Ohio but moved away from home when he was a high school freshman to attend Culver Military Academy in Indiana. While at Culver, Shane played a variety of sports and even got to practice alongside college football players from Notre Dame. He continued playing football in college and has been served well by his 6’6, 300-pound frame. One of Shane’s greatest lessons in building character came when he played for the Ball State Cardinals and survived a losing streak of 21 games – in a row! Shane claims that experience taught him how to overcome defeat, adversity, and to remain positive.

$39 Million in Sales

Shane’s career in Sales has spanned more than 15 years. After graduating from Indiana’s Ball State University in 2001, he began his career in the Management Trainee Program for Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Indianapolis, Indiana. After several years with Enterprise and operating more than 14 different offices, Shane went into business for himself. He started his own recruiting firm called Hunt Professional Search and Placement. However, he believes his career really took off when he joined the email marketing software company ExactTarget in October 2008.

In the six years he worked for ExactTarget and Salesforce, Shane closed $39 million in sales. Having worked for both ExactTarget and Salesforce, Shane embodies a well-rounded understanding of cloud-based marketing and SaaS sales.

A Startup with a Remarkable Growth Story

In Shane’s view, ExactTarget’s story is remarkable. It began as an unknown email service provider during a time when email marketing was just becoming mainstream. In only 13 years, the company went from a $200,000 startup in 2000 to being acquired by Salesforce for $2.5 billion. Now known as the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, it has become the leading global cloud marketing platform.

Shane’s and ListEngage’s history has followed parallel paths. Shane joined ExactTarget when it was still a young company. Altaf Shaikh, ListEngage’s CEO, became an ExactTarget Services Partner in 2003 when it was just a nine-person startup.

ListEngage and Shane both transitioned over to Salesforce in 2013 when the CRM giant acquired ExactTarget. And, over the years, Altaf and Shane had opportunities to work together. “Shane and I have worked together for years as part of the ExactTarget and Salesforce ecosystems,” Altaf said. “Shane is brilliant at what he does and I’m thrilled that he is now part of the ListEngage family and our customers can benefit from his vast experience. Shane’s dedication to customer success in a digital world fits perfectly with the philosophy I have held for years – that it’s the marriage of brand and analytics, brick and click that is essential in today’s Omni-channel environment.”

Shane Gets SaaS

Both Shane and ListEngage are committed to customer success. We understand Software as a Service (SaaS) and the value that it delivers. Whether you need full-service or self-service digital marketing capabilities, ListEngage has the tools and experience you need to manage multi-channel campaigns, sales strategies, and customer journeys.

Schedule a free consultation with Shane today and let him show you the power of marketing in the Cloud with Salesforce and ListEngage.

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Lynette Rambo | Marketing Consultant

Lynette Rambo is a Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant, Administrator, Email Specialist, and Trainer. She has worked in marketing and communications for more than 20 years and with Salesforce Marketing Cloud since 2012. As a Marketing Consultant and Trainer for ListEngage, Lynette helps clients learn Marketing Cloud functionality, email marketing best practices, and effective campaign management. She also works with the Salesforce CRM and connecting Sales and Marketing initiatives. You can contact Lynette at