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Meet ListEngage 2.0

Jake Gibbs | September 29, 2017 

As you can tell, we’ve rebranded our company! In an effort to clarify and solidify our company mission and vision, we’ve overhauled our brand to better reflect our dedication to our clients, Salesforce, and the customers served by you through the Salesforce platform.

The symbolism of our new logo

Our past logo had it’s time in the sun (14 years in fact!), but now it’s time to reveal our new logo and the meaning behind it.

listengage logo

  1. The triangular circle represents the core 3-way partnership with Salesforce, us, and our clients. Each partner in this relationship plays a vital role in serving the end customer of our clients.
  2. The green portion of the tri-circle represents you, our client. Green reflects our desire to help you achieve greater profitability and success with Salesforce.
  3. The blue portion of the tri-circle represents (you guessed it!) Salesforce. We have full confidence in the Salesforce software lineup and are committed to being a specialist in and top partner of Salesforce.
  4. The orange portion of the tri-circle represents us. Orange is vibrant, creative, and energetic, which we feel is appropriate for our skilled team of marketers, designers, and technical experts.
  5. The pixelated outer portion of the tri-circle represents the fact that all of us in this 3-way partnership work primarily with data. Data plays a key role in pretty much everything we, you, and Salesforce do, and this helps to visualize that reality.
  6. Lastly, the text of “ListEngage” contains 3 pixel dots. The orange pixel represents our attention to detail; we ensure that we dot our i’s and cross our t’s on every project. The blue pixel represents Salesforce’s primary role in connecting you to your customers. Lastly, the green dot, like a period at the end of a sentence, represents our aim to be the one and only Salesforce partner that you’ll ever need.

What this means for Salesforce, YOU, and your customers

  • We’re 100% dedicated to our relationship with you. We want you to succeed with Salesforce and consider ourselves an extension of your team, willing to go the extra mile to ensure you get big wins.
  • We’re 100% committed to Salesforce. We will continue to specialize in, become certified in, and strive for complete mastery of, this powerful software platform.
  • We always have your customers in mind as we work with you, because in the end, better serving your customers is a win-win-win for you, Salesforce, and us.

We look forward to the future and consider this rebranding effort the cornerstone of many more years to come of successful Salesforce projects and partnerships.

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Jake Gibbs

Jake Gibbs | Design Specialist

Jake Gibbs is a Design Specialist at ListEngage and an expert at designing and building elegant, cross-platform compatible, mobile responsive emails and landing pages on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. From brainstorming and ideation to polishing the final product, he loves the creative process. Jake has worked with more than 60 clients since joining ListEngage in 2014. Some of his projects have included L’Oreal, Vanguard, Carhartt, Harvard Business School, RCI/Wyndham, Huggies, and Planet Fitness.