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Empower Your Sales Team with Map-Based, Data Visualization by Salesforce

Tega Olotewo | September 13, 2020 

Empower your Sales team with Location Intelligence, by Salesforce, to Optimize your Sales Processes.

Salesforce Maps offers the industry’s leading Location Intelligence solutions that leverage mapping and optimization technologies. This allows customers to maximize the productivity of their sales and service resources by providing an interactive, map-based visualization.  

Use Cases by Role

Sales teams benefits from Territory Optimization, Optimal Routes & Schedules and Location-enabled Mobile App. Aligning your sales team to the right territory and reducing windshield time with optimal routes and schedule will increase efficiency and ultimately lead to more sales.

Service teams benefit from features and processes like Rule-based Geo fencing, Service Zones & Capacity Planning and Live Dispatch using location. Salesforce maps provide real-time view of the service team, customers and existing work orders making it easier to dispatch service calls efficiently using the current locations of the service team.

Marketing teams can use Salesforce maps to create Location-based campaigns. Using your Salesforce data and map’s filter marketing can create map layers that show customer within a certain mile radius. Customers and leads that fit your filter criteria with a click of a button will be in your next marketing campaign, all done directly from the Salesforce maps page.

Location Intelligence in Uncertain Times

During these uncertain times with COVID-19 businesses have to make tough decisions, Salesforce maps provide COVID-19 related data to help organizations make data-driven decisions.

According to Salesforce “Maps provides a built-in data feed with hot spot monitoring where outbreaks have occurred so customers can overlay critical employee and customer data to make fast, accurate decisions. Plan for sales and service responses when you visualize active COVID-19 cases in Salesforce Maps. The Maps ArcGIS data layer provides data on COVID-19 cases in the United States.”

Salesforce Maps & COVID-19 ArcGIS Data Layer

Organizations with essential products are using Salesforce Maps to identify hot spots that need more product supply and also identify areas where their products don’t exist and using it as an opportunity to increase their market presence.

Field Sales teams are using the ArcGIS Data Layer to determine sale outreach, managing time in the field and limiting coverage to surging areas and spending more time in areas on a decline.

Field Sale Teams are using maps to prospect from Home (WFH). Using the Salesforce maps list to create outbound call list and connect with clients virtually. Performing tasks like sending emails, logging customer calls, creating customer follow-up tasks and using the Point of Interest (POI) search for prospecting all directly from the map interface.

The Location Intelligence platform has a major impact throughout the enterprise. Salesforce Maps helps visualize your Salesforce data, uncover opportunities for efficiency in Service and revenue producing opportunities for Sales and informed marketing campaigns for Marketing.

Download the e-book, “Six Steps to Re-Engergize Your Field Sales Productivity”, by Salesforce.

ListEngage is a certified Salesforce Maps accredited partner that can help you devise and implement map-based, sales team functional efficiencies, based on your organization’s unique use cases. If your interested in learning more, please contact us at

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Tega Olotewo | Technical Lead

Tega Olotewo is a Technical Lead at ListEngage where he serves as the subject matter expert for solution architecture that includes configuration, development, integration and customization of complex environments for enterprise clients. Tega is 9X Salesforce certified and has worked with multiple clients in different industries across Pardot, Sales, Service and Community cloud. He enjoys developing customized solutions within the Salesforce platform to support critical business functions and meet project objectives.