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Category: Work-Life

Why Burnout Happens (And What You Can Do About It)

Jake Gibbs | September 4, 2015 

Forest fires only happen when conditions are just right. In times of drought and intense heat, all it takes is one loose cigarette, one lightning strike, or one trigger to ignite a flame that destroys all in its path. Many if not all of us at some point realize that our job conditions begin to […]

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Desktopia: Creating Your Ideal Workspace

Jake Gibbs | August 14, 2015 

While your job may be far from a utopia due to factors largely outside of your control (boss, employees, clients, coworkers, etc), you have nearly 100% control in creating your own desktopia – your personalized happy place that makes your work more productive, healthy, and enjoyable. Your workspace layout and overall feel have more of […]

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