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Category: Sales/CRM

How to Use Marketing Automation to Create Better Customer Profiles

Bryan da Frota | December 9, 2021 

Eighty-four percent of customers say that, when it comes to winning their business, they expect businesses to treat them like an individual person, not a number in a giant sea of others. That means serving up experiences that speak directly to them—their pain points, needs, preferences—across all customer journey touchpoints. Gone are the days of […]

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Salesforce Sessions | The Digital Experience with Bryan da Frota & Caleb Lindemann

Bryan da Frota | November 16, 2021 

The Digital Transformation has drastically changed how the world operates, and it’s not over! Today on the show Bryan sits down with Caleb Lindemann to discuss how to make the most of your customers’ digital experience.

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Best Apps to Integrate with Salesforce in 2021

Garrett Samuels | June 7, 2021 

The Salesforce platform is such a powerful set of tools it seems to do everything but balance your checking account for you … if anyone actually does that anymore. For whatever it doesn’t do, there are thousands of apps that can easily be integrated with the platform through the AppExchange.  Which ones are the most […]

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