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Category: Sales/CRM

How to Beat the Summer Sales Drought

Shane Smith | July 25, 2017 

Summer is synonymous with family vacations, BBQ’s, school breaks, and heat. For businesses, it can also be a time of parched sales. But, don’t sweat it. There are things you can do to wet the whistle of your sales force during the slower months. Promote Business Development Opportunities During slow times, concentrate on awareness building […]

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Marketing Cloud APIs for Marketers

Altaf Shaikh | February 1, 2016 

WARNING: while the author tried to make the following topic understandable by those less technical, there may be some rather nerdy talk ahead. We hope you find it informative. May the Force be with you. An API, or Application Program Interface, can be used to greatly enhance the functionality and interoperability of software like the […]

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