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Category: Podcast

Meeting People Where They Are with Tricia Babischkin

Altaf Shaikh | April 2, 2021 

In this episode, ListEngage CEO Altaf Shaikh talks with Marketing Guru and Strategic Consultant Tricia Babischkin. Tricia is especially experienced in email marketing strategy and designing ways businesses can meet customers where they’re at, earning the distinguished title of Salesforce Marketing Champion. She shares her thoughts on the state of digital marketing a year into […]

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Becoming a Digital Leader with Guilda Hilaire

Altaf Shaikh | March 12, 2021 

ListEngage CEO Altaf Shaikh sits down with Digital Industry Veteran Guilda Hilaire. For over 15 years Guilda has spearheaded the use and optimization of Salesforce, working with major brands such as CVS, Aetna Health, Liberty Mutual, and Johnson and Johnson. She’s well-known in the Salesforce community for her passion for thought leadership, education, and training […]

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