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Category: SMS

Avoid These Common SMS Marketing Mistakes

Dawn McKitty | November 1, 2021 

Thanks to pandemic-influenced behavior change, Americans spend more time each day on their phones, prompting Forbes to laud text messaging (aka “SMS”) as “the marketing tool of the future.” According to Forbes, consumers respond to SMS marketing faster than they do to other marketing, and SMS’s one-to-one nature provides a more personalized way to connect […]

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Ten Best Practices for Marketing with SMS and Mobile Studio

Dawn McKitty | May 19, 2021 

When you send a customer an email, they might see it in a day or two, but they may not open it. It’s also possible they might not even see it because it gets filtered to a folder other than their main inbox. However, if you send your customer an SMS message, they’ll probably see […]

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Physical Distancing & COVID-19: Many Marketers Prioritize Mobile

Anthony Slusher | May 15, 2020 

As the global community faces one of its’ biggest challenges in history due to the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses across the world are moving quickly to find new ways to stay relevant. Some business have shifted dramatically and have taken bold steps to re-think their consumer model. In a time where social distancing has become a […]

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