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Category: Marketing

Marketing Using Unusual Holidays

ListEngage Blog | February 1, 2017 

Many companies use holidays for Marketing. However, most companies usually only stick to mainstream holidays and miss out on many other Marketing opportunities. Everyone knows of the well-known holidays – such as, Valentine’s Day, New Years, Christmas, and others. But did you know there are also numerous unusual and unique holidays for every day of […]

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Misinformation on social media: Can technology save us?

Lynette Rambo | December 6, 2016 

The most recent statistics show that Facebook has 1.71 billion active users per month, surpassing by far the second most popular social media app, WhatsApp, ranked at 1 billion monthly active users. In their September 2016 report, Statista ranks the top 21 most used social network sites worldwide. With the amount of information — and […]

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Branding That Works:

Jake Gibbs | August 9, 2016 

What makes a brand great? In this series we’ll explore successful branding efforts and break down the elements that make the brand a success. We’ll start with an interesting case study. How do you take an unsexy product and turn it into a powerful, memorable, competition-dominating brand? You follow the footsteps of What Do […]

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