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Category: Marketing

Father’s Day Spending Gap – Why Does Mother’s Day Always Win?

Altaf Shaikh | June 12, 2017 

When I discovered how much Father’s Day lags behind Mother’s Day in retail spending, I decided to put my marketing hat on and look into it. Personally, I don’t need a gift this Father’s Day. I already have three vibrant, smart, beautiful gifts in my daughters, and I’m pretty darn proud of it. Father’s Day […]

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Improve Retention by Letting Subscribers Choose

Lynette Rambo | June 7, 2017 

Tips for a Good Preference Center: Scrap the default. Brand it. Make it easy to use. Make it mobile friendly. Allow opt-outs of individual emails. Offer alternative frequency, channel and content options. Make it easy to find. Don’t make every field required. Ask for only the data you’ll use. Make them think twice before unsubscribing. […]

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Mother’s Day Spending Expected to Reach Record-High. Is Your Business Ready?

Altaf Shaikh | May 10, 2017 

Over the past decade, spending for Mother’s Day has increased nearly 70%. For 2017, spending is estimated to reach $23.6 billion. With Mother’s Day upon us this coming Sunday, many consumers are searching for “the perfect” last minute gifts for Mom. According to the National Retail Federation, consumers are expected to spend more than ever […]

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