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Category: Marketing

Is Amazon Prime Day Going to Take Over Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Altaf Shaikh | July 11, 2017 

I still remember when the home computer became popular in the 1980s, the Internet went public in 1991, and Amazon started in 1994 as an online bookstore. Amazon has grown from a garage business to an online “One-Stop-Shop” for everything that we need. As Internet and shopping trends change, changes their vision to keep pace — “To […]

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July 4th and the Generational Gap in American Patriotism

Altaf Shaikh | June 29, 2017 

Every country has something that makes it exceptional. Its citizens have unique ways of expressing their pride and patriotism. And let’s not forgot the politicians who tout that their country is the greatest in the world every chance they get.  America is no different. This July 4th is the American “Independence Day,” which commemorates the […]

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Father’s Day Spending Gap – Why Does Mother’s Day Always Win?

Altaf Shaikh | June 12, 2017 

When I discovered how much Father’s Day lags behind Mother’s Day in retail spending, I decided to put my marketing hat on and look into it. Personally, I don’t need a gift this Father’s Day. I already have three vibrant, smart, beautiful gifts in my daughters, and I’m pretty darn proud of it. Father’s Day […]

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