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Category: Marketing

Why Marketers Should Learn Coding Basics

Jake Gibbs | August 24, 2015 

If you moved to China (or any foreign country), imagine your experience if you didn’t know their native language. Everything from navigating and buying groceries to having a casual conversation would become extremely difficult, if not impossible. Eventually to survive and thrive, you would have to learn the native language or live an unideal lifestyle. […]

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Marketers and Designers: Yin and Yang

Jake Gibbs | August 18, 2015 

In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang describe how two opposite or contrary forces actually complement each other in an interconnected, interdependent fashion. In fact, yin and yang reflects how two different things could not exist without the other. In our media-centric society, marketing and design have become yin and yang. While their natures are seemingly […]

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