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Category: Marketing

Increase Customer Value and Sales with Remarketing

Lynette Rambo | December 8, 2015 

We’ve all seen it happen in our businesses.  In fact, at one time or another, I’m just as guilty as the next online shopper. What’s the crime?  Neglecting to click the “Complete Purchase” button during the checkout phase of online shopping. So, what causes our customers to abandon their online purchases when they’re sooooo close […]

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Branding That Works: Dollar Shave Club

Jake Gibbs | December 4, 2015 

“Shave time, shave money,” claims the bold, edgy, we’re-gonna-kick-your-butt-Gillette brand Dollar Shave Club (DSC). Founded in 2011 in California, DSC provides a subscription service for razors and other male grooming products mailed right to your door. From startup to gaining over $148 million in venture capital, DSC has Gillette, their primary competitor, on their heels […]

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Using Digital Marketing to Foster Customer Collaboration

Lynette Rambo | November 17, 2015 

In IBM’s 2015 Global C-Suite Study, more than 5,200 executives (tagged “CxOs” in the report) were surveyed regarding the impact of today’s competitive landscape. When asked what makes top executives cringe, one respondent replied, “The ‘Uber syndrome’ – where a competitor with a completely different business model enters your industry and flattens you.” “Collaborative brands […]

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