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Category: Mobile

Getting Ready for the 2022 Holidays – Is Your MarTech Stack Set Up for Personalizing at Scale With Automation?

Mark Brozyna | August 18, 2022 

Today’s customers are expecting more than ever that relevant content be served to them — but how? How do we build and serve this content across your entire subscriber list? In our past few blog posts, ListEngage has provided recommendations to prepare you for the 2022 holiday season, including describing the importance of having the […]

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Give the Gift of Technology – to Your Company, and Your Customers

Julie Marques | August 9, 2022 

Retailers are under a lot of pressure to make their 2022 holiday campaigns a success. We previously shared some recommendations on what makes for a successful, ROI-producing campaign: personalizing experiences, leveraging data to anticipate needs, rewarding loyalty, promoting products and services across an omnichannel marketing mix, and providing excellent customer service that flows seamlessly with […]

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QR Codes are Gathering Steam, How Can Marketers Take Advantage?

Bryan da Frota | March 10, 2022 

QR codes are now everywhere you look. Those square-shaped barcodes are printed on ads, product packaging, receipts, and even mobile websites and apps.  They’re a great way to give people easy access to your website, but they have far greater strategic uses many businesses don’t realize. For example, did you know QR (Quick Response) codes […]

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