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Category: Mobile

QR Codes are Gathering Steam, How Can Marketers Take Advantage?

Bryan da Frota | March 10, 2022 

QR codes are now everywhere you look. Those square-shaped barcodes are printed on ads, product packaging, receipts, and even mobile websites and apps.  They’re a great way to give people easy access to your website, but they have far greater strategic uses many businesses don’t realize. For example, did you know QR (Quick Response) codes […]

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The Value of Open APIs

Carlos Monney | January 26, 2022 

What’s an Open API? One of the things that makes Salesforce so powerful is its ability to tie together such a wide range of other apps and services. It pulls together customer and company data that would otherwise be locked away in various departments—Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, IT, etc.—and enables companies to use that data […]

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Avoid These Common SMS Marketing Mistakes

Dawn McKitty | November 1, 2021 

Thanks to pandemic-influenced behavior change, Americans spend more time each day on their phones, prompting Forbes to laud text messaging (aka “SMS”) as “the marketing tool of the future.” According to Forbes, consumers respond to SMS marketing faster than they do to other marketing, and SMS’s one-to-one nature provides a more personalized way to connect […]

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