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Category: Design

6 Major Pitfalls of Image-Heavy Emails

Lynette Rambo | January 26, 2016 

Before you get a little too image-happy in your email designs, consider these 6 pitfalls of going pixel overboard. Size Matters That is … the amount, size, and file size of images you use in your emails can make or break your email results. Designers and marketers, who tend to love beautiful, image-heavy emails, often […]

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KOMPLETE Emails: Design Lessons from Native Instruments

Jake Gibbs | January 22, 2016 

Design matters more than you think. Yes, the offer itself and powerful copy are important, but without compelling, creative designs your messages will likely fall flat and bore your audience. If you’re looking for inspiration on email design, look no further than Native Instruments, whose KOMPLETE hardware and software product lines allow musicians and producers […]

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Marketing and Design Lessons from Junkmail: Fast Food

Jake Gibbs | December 31, 2015 

Before you throw away the seemingly endless stream of unsolicited offers you get in your mailbox on a daily basis, you may be surprised at the marketing and design lessons you can learn from these arrivals. Admittedly, sending unsolicited, unsegmented offers is definitely not a best practice to reach or engage customers, but in this […]

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