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Category: Design

5 Biggest Cloud Computing Trends of 2022

Sean Dutkewych | February 9, 2022 

Gone are the days of seeing your business’ “server closet” and the hum and heat of processing data. (You and your coworkers can now stick your old, unused filing cabinets in that closet.) The “cloud” was getting more popular before the pandemic, but once it hit, businesses started abandoning the server ship for clouds that […]

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The Value of Open APIs

Carlos Monney | January 26, 2022 

What’s an Open API? One of the things that makes Salesforce so powerful is its ability to tie together such a wide range of other apps and services. It pulls together customer and company data that would otherwise be locked away in various departments—Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, IT, etc.—and enables companies to use that data […]

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Design Tutorial: Photoshop Image Templates for Email

Jake Gibbs | January 6, 2017 

Are you still using plain ole’ square stock images in your emails? Did you know that you could make your images much more compelling with some basic Photoshop treatment? While you don’t have lots of fancy css options in email like you do on websites, thanks to Photoshop, you have some neat options for image […]

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