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Category: Data

Data Recovery No Longer Supported in Salesforce CRM

Tega Olotewo | May 6, 2020 

Salesforce is constantly coming up with great new features in each of their seasonal releases throughout the year. It seems you have just enough time to get comfortable before exciting new features are available to take advantage of in your Salesforce instance. But, with those releases, there often comes features that are retired for a […]

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Fake Web Traffic Costs Advertisers Billions

Lynette Rambo | April 1, 2016 

We’ve all succumbed to it. That great new product promising dramatic results. For me, it’s anything promising more youthful skin or an easy way to shed cellulite. And, the promises are generally accompanied by dozens of positive reviews and glowing testimonials. BUT … Sound too good to be true? It probably is. There’s usually big BUT to […]

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