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Category: Client News

The End of Third Party Cookies and How You Can Prepare

Altaf Shaikh | October 18, 2021 

You’ve heard the buzz: third-party cookies are being pulled off the data-tracking menu. But what does that mean exactly, and how will that affect you and your marketing? We’ll dig into some of the nitty gritty details—and give you a few tips on how to plan and prepare.  Remind me. . . what’s a third-party […]

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Planet Fitness Rings in New Year “Judgement Free”

Altaf Shaikh | January 9, 2017 

“At Planet Fitness, we believe that working out should be fun, affordable and, most importantly, judgement-free, and our wish for 2017 is to empower and encourage everyone — whether you’re an everyday exerciser or a first-time gym goer — to achieve their goals, whatever they may be.” – Chris Rondeau, CEO, Planet Fitness In the […]

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How the National MS Society Got a 55% Open Rate on their First Email

Lynette Rambo | January 5, 2017 

“Getting 55% of 60,000 people to do something is pretty amazing!” — Todd Culter, Associate Vice President Digital Marketing, National MS Society Todd attributes their email success to list cleanliness, segmenting the list by subscriber engagement level, and having a relevant message. For details, download the full case study. A Bold Vision Needs Bold Communication […]

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