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Publix: Supermarket Loyalty Campaign

Altaf Shaikh | August 12, 2015 

ListEngage provides digital solutions to clients with a wide variety of needs – from basic training on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to implementing very complex customer campaigns and solutions that require pulling out all the stops.  This month, we’re highlighting a project we did for Publix, the largest employee-owned grocery chain in the United States.

The Project

The Publix Supermarket Loyalty Campaign was built to target specific registered shoppers with great deals on brand name products. Targeted coupons would drive brand recognition and increased customer loyalty. Shoppers would be presented with several targeted offers within an email. The email would contain links where shoppers could “clip” the offers for later redemption at any Publix Supermarket store.

The Challenges

  • Mobile Device Support. Recognizing that many shoppers today use “Mobile Coupons”, Publix needed an Offers email and landing page that could be viewed on mobile devices.
  • API Access. Publix utilizes a third party offer manager called “Wallet”. The landing page would not only show all offers that were targeted for the shopper, it would easily allow the shopper to “clip” a coupon for later redemption.
  • Dynamic Content. Offers needed to be categorized by offer type and ordered according to a numeric field value in the Offers lookup data extension.
  • ScalabilityPublix needed a solution that would scale to any number of targeted offers supplied in their data feed using a single dynamic email template and landing page.
  • Load timeOver 4 million subscribers are targeted on every campaign with up to 12 offers per shopper for a total potential of 48 million page loads per campaign. Publix needed the pages to be loaded as efficiently as possible without compromising a rich experience for the shopper.
  • Privacy and Security. The shoppers’ personal and account information needed to be kept private in transmission across the web.

The Results

ListEngage consulted with the Publix creative team to develop responsive email and landing page templates. By designing the email according to best practices and utilizing CSS media queries, the email and landing page would respond by adjusting the layout to each mobile device type. Building a responsive template allowed the shopper to view the email and Landing Page without the need for maintaining separate templates for mobile and desktop. Our development team utilized AJAX technology to facilitate calls back to the shopper’s online wallet in real time. Utilizing AJAX raised efficiency by allowing shoppers to “clip” coupons without reloading the entire landing page. We also leveraged AMPScript to dynamically handle any number of offers that were available to a shopper. This would allow Publix to include as many offers as they desired without the need for updating the email or landing page templates. ListEngage utilized the landing page target personalization string in order to pass subscriber information from the email to the landing page without revealing any personal or account information in the browser, thus ensuring privacy and security.

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Altaf Shaikh | Founder, CEO

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