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American Golf: Dynamic Content and Scalability

Lynette Rambo | October 22, 2015 

The Project

American Golf is one of the most experienced and innovative operators in the golf industry today and manages online tee times for one of the largest multi-course operators in the world, which includes public and private golf courses. As an owner, lessee, and manager of golf courses and country clubs for over 40 years, American Golf has the unmatched expertise to maximize any golf opportunity.

In an effort to keep their subscribers engaged, they reach out to them on a regular basis with special offers, the latest tee times, events, and more.

American Golf reached out to ListEngage looking for help to solve the challenge of maintaining multiple email templates at the top level while personalizing logos, special offers, and promotions. Emails are sent on behalf of each golf course in a timely manner, which is critical for generating foot traffic to the various golf courses. The manual process which was being used was not scalable and almost impossible to manage. An automated process using dynamic content was needed.

The Challenges

  • Mobile Device Support. Having access to the latest tee times, deals, and upcoming events on the go was crucial for American Golf members.
  • Scalability. American Golf recognized that it would be very challenging to brand the newsletter for many different courses. They needed an efficient way to make updates that would reflect across the various club brands.
  • Dynamic Content. American Golf needed a way to push content to its members without having to update the email within ExactTarget. The content would be driven from American Golf’s content server, allowing for very dynamic content relevant to each course to be syndicated to their email channel.
  • Performance.Content driven by American Golf servers would potentially be accessed hundreds of thousands of times during a campaign. It was crucial that the content be accessed once and cached at send time.

The Results

Working closely with American Golf, ListEngage architected an email wireframe template that could be used for all golf course brands. By creating a lookup table and importing the data into ExactTarget, ListEngage and American Golf were able to create content specific to each golf course and brand. Additionally, several place holder smart content blocks were constructed to retrieve the content for each brand from American Golf’s server once and then cache it for each subsequent send. The result was a mobile-responsive, customized email template with dynamic content areas that were branded for each of the hundreds of golf courses with unique content needs.

In addition to this solution, ListEngage also provided the tracking performance that American Golf needed for emails and subscriber activity.

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