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Are You Prepared for the 2022 Retail Holiday Season?

Travis Most | July 19, 2022 

After back-to-back years of unprecedented disruption, retailers must be ready to maximize their successes—and their sales—this holiday season. While the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is hopefully behind us, retailers are still dealing with economic uncertainty, including soaring inflation, supply chain delays, and staffing shortages. In the face of these challenges, how can businesses keep […]

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Salesforce Sessions | Mapping out the Digital Journey with Julie Marques

Bryan da Frota | July 7, 2022 

You’ve decided to start your journey towards creating connected customer experiences. But, where do you start? Today on the show Bryan da Frota is joined by Director of Strategic Consulting, Julie Marques to discuss your first steps towards creating a digital journey. The following is an automated transcript.  Bryan da Frota [00:00:00] This is Brian […]

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