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Marketing Automations You Should Be Running

Bryan da Frota | May 25, 2022 

In an increasingly digital world, it can feel impossible to keep up with everything that makes a successful marketing strategy. Marketing automation is key to managing the workload, maintaining successful campaigns, and growing your business as efficiently as possible. You’re probably already using some of the valuable automations available to you, but there are likely […]

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Salesforce Sessions With Sean Dutkwych: How Salesforce AEs Can Help Their Clients Navigate the Digital Marketing Landscape

Bryan da Frota | May 5, 2022 

The sheer number of products and services available today can make developing effective marketing strategies overwhelming! In our latest podcast episode, ListEngage COO, Bryan da Frota, sat down with Senior Account Executive Sean Dutkwych to discuss how Salesforce AE’s can help their clients navigate the digital marketing landscape. Sean has worked across an array of […]

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