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Point of View: Apple Privacy Update

Tricia Babischkin | October 25, 2021 

What is happening? In the spring of 2021, Apple announced a radical change to the privacy position for users of their native email applications across the iOS and desktop operating systems. This change will essentially report every email sent to those users as opened because Apple will cache the content and not report back to […]

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The End of Third Party Cookies and How You Can Prepare

Altaf Shaikh | October 18, 2021 

You’ve heard the buzz: third-party cookies are being pulled off the data-tracking menu. But what does that mean exactly, and how will that affect you and your marketing? We’ll dig into some of the nitty gritty details—and give you a few tips on how to plan and prepare.  Remind me. . . what’s a third-party […]

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