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How to Stay Ahead of Holiday Creep

Altaf Shaikh | August 29, 2017 

In 2015, Coca-Cola worked with Snapchat to create a holiday filter that lasted started on Christmas Eve and lasted for one day. The filter allowed people to overlay a snowy scene of the Coke truck on top of a selfie and share it with friends. Within 24 hours, the filter was shared 26 times per […]

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The Graying of America – Marketing to Seniors

Lynette Rambo | August 10, 2017 

I loved my grandparents and still reminisce about all the great times my siblings and I shared with them. They worked hard, saved their money, took us on fun outings, always had a handy supply of candy. I survived a slew of homemade, double-knit polyester pantsuits growing up. Usually some kind of plaid pattern. From […]

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Should You Use Emojis in Your Email Subject Lines?

ListEngage Blog | August 7, 2017 

The use of emojis in email marketing messages is becoming increasingly popular. Thanks to emojis, email subject lines are getting a lot more expressive and aren’t limited to just text anymore. Appboy reports a 775% year-over-year increase in the use of emojis in email marketing messages. Despite emojis’ increased popularity in marketing, some marketers are still […]

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