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Organize and Name It Like You Mean It

Jake Gibbs | January 24, 2017 

Why It Matters Let’s not dilly dally and get right to the point: bad naming conventions and account structure make managing your Salesforce Marketing Cloud a real pain in the keister for you and your teammates. The problem is only compounded the larger your team, the more complex your business, and the more emails, automations, […]

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Planet Fitness Rings in New Year “Judgement Free”

Altaf Shaikh | January 9, 2017 

“At Planet Fitness, we believe that working out should be fun, affordable and, most importantly, judgement-free, and our wish for 2017 is to empower and encourage everyone — whether you’re an everyday exerciser or a first-time gym goer — to achieve their goals, whatever they may be.” – Chris Rondeau, CEO, Planet Fitness In the […]

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Design Tutorial: Photoshop Image Templates for Email

Jake Gibbs | January 6, 2017 

Are you still using plain ole’ square stock images in your emails? Did you know that you could make your images much more compelling with some basic Photoshop treatment? While you don’t have lots of fancy css options in email like you do on websites, thanks to Photoshop, you have some neat options for image […]

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