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Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Cheesy Stock Images

Jake Gibbs | June 21, 2016 

My fellow marketer, as your friend, please let me make an intervention on your behalf. Your customers will thank me later. Picture this: you have the perfect headline, body copy, and call to action crafted for your next campaign. It’s a real doozy that will get your customers excited about your offer. But you need […]

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#1 Business Success Strategy – the Golden Rule

Altaf Shaikh | June 16, 2016 

A fortune cookie once told me, “Golden rule: he who has the gold, rules.” This is, of course, a humorous adaptation of the well-known Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Basically, treat others as you want to be treated. Many great leaders in America’s history actually built their […]

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