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Segmentation: Why and How

Arseniy Chuprun | August 11, 2022 

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Give the Gift of Technology – to Your Company, and Your Customers

Julie Marques | August 9, 2022 

Retailers are under a lot of pressure to make their 2022 holiday campaigns a success. We previously shared some recommendations on what makes for a successful, ROI-producing campaign: personalizing experiences, leveraging data to anticipate needs, rewarding loyalty, promoting products and services across an omnichannel marketing mix, and providing excellent customer service that flows seamlessly with […]

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Planning for the 2022 Retail Holiday Season in a World of Unknowns

Tricia Babischkin | August 4, 2022 

Every June, for the past decade, I’d reach out to my retail clients and remind them that the holidays haven’t moved and it was time to start planning their marketing campaigns and initiatives. To be honest, even through the height of the recent pandemic years, my top tips for planning for the holidays really hadn’t […]

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Are You Prepared for the 2022 Retail Holiday Season?

Travis Most | July 19, 2022 

After back-to-back years of unprecedented disruption, retailers must be ready to maximize their successes—and their sales—this holiday season. While the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is hopefully behind us, retailers are still dealing with economic uncertainty, including soaring inflation, supply chain delays, and staffing shortages. In the face of these challenges, how can businesses keep […]

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