Marketing cloud installations are becoming increasingly complex as organizations automate their digital marketing efforts. It’s not uncommon to have dozens, if not hundreds, of automated campaigns, triggered sends, and other automated processes running in a marketing cloud instance at any given time. It’s more important than ever to monitor those actions ensuring they’re attending to your mission-critical campaigns and processes. Without a good monitoring solution, marketers may be unaware that key data processes are failing to update or that significant campaigns have halted or have been sent to the wrong audiences. (No one ever wants to send that “oops” email campaign!)

The industry is responding to this monitoring need as a number of marketing cloud monitoring tools are already available from technology providers like Salesforce, partners like ListEngage, and third-party vendors. Even more, solutions are on the way.

Salesforce offers a collection of “Smart Alert” products including versions for not just their Salesforce Marketing Cloud solution, but also Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and several of their other products. Salesforce customers can work with their Salesforce account executive, line up the product, and begin configuring it to report on the automations, journeys, and other processes you want to monitor. 

Learn more about this collection of tools here: 

ListEngage offers a solution called the Marketing Cloud Monitoring App, which is unique in its ability to be highly customized. The core solution consists of several CloudPages running scripts that reach inside of your Salesforce Marketing Cloud instance to monitor automations, Journeys, triggered sends, and more. The tool can be configured based on what you want monitored, how often you want to be alerted, and who should be alerted. Best of all, the app code can be modified by ListEngage or the customer to even better suit the monitoring needs. 

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Lastly, for Slack customers who want to monitor their Salesforce Marketing Cloud instance, you now have access to a product Slack’s calling the Digital Command Center. Easily monitor your Marketing Cloud Engagement journeys and automations, and leverage highly customizable interface to detect and take immediate action on errors and abnormal activity. Get started with pre-configured rules, alerts, and calls to action. Once installed, the Digital Command Center will report the related Marketing Cloud process statuses within a nicely formatted Slack Channel. Learn more about this Digital Command Center at

Whichever tool you choose, they’re all effort and investment well spent. You’ll appreciate knowing that your business-critical processes are being monitored, and your customers will appreciate reliably receiving the needed information and communications they’re designed to deliver.



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