Talent trumps location – a phrase that has led the positioning, values, and trajectory of ListEngage since our founding in 2003 through the leadership of founder and CEO, Altaf Shaikh. This phrase (for which Altaf has become known) was coined under the basic belief that the right person wasn’t always in the same location. The philosophy came long before the days of mass remote companies, work-from-home planning, or the modern technical guru vagabond. In the simplest form, the philosophy drives from an acknowledgment that the individual is what brings value, not their location. “Our team’s ability stretches far beyond anything on a map – it’s why we are not only good but great at what we do,” says ListEngage CEO Altaf Shaikh. The boundaries of an office and daily shared physical space do not dictate productivity, capacity, or capability. While a physical office is maintained, and still frequented by our team of Engagers, it’s an optional space for collaboration not a requirement for employment. 

“ListEngage has always been a remote-first organization. We know that we can be more effective for our clients by having the most talented team, regardless of where they’re located. Everyone here has the same drive to learn and share knowledge. Despite being remote, we’re all connected in this way. That’s what makes the culture of ListEngage special,” says ListEngage Operations & Recruiting Manager, Reed Fabek. 

But these aren’t just words, they are actively put into practice. With a growing team of 100+ and counting, Engagers span all United States time zones. With a home office in Boston, MA, it makes for an attractive stop when Engagers are in town for a meeting, an event, or even just a vacation. Talent trumps location wasn’t just a phrase thrown out, but rather a culture bridge and philosophy that has grown and expanded with time.

At ListEngage, people are the center of our success, which is why Talent Trumps Location has always been a central tenet in our operating philosophy. ListEngage has driven connections virtually for nearly 20 years and will continue doing so. “Driving from our flexibility and desire to prioritize in-person collaboration when needed, we host onsite meetings, dinners, and events. The home location of an employee doesn’t impact the value add or ability to collaborate in person,” says Bryan da Frota, ListEngage COO.

The ListEngage model will never include a required office location; it will instead continue to require a growth mindset, team orientation, a desire to own it, and tenacity to be great at what you do.



ListEngage is a fully certified Marketing Cloud first, a cross-cloud consulting partner with top-tier expertise in all things Marketing Cloud, including Messaging & Journeys, Mobile Connect, Distributed Marketing, APIs, Intelligence, Personalization, and CDP. With nearly 20+ years of experience exclusively in Salesforce, our resume includes 5,000+ successful customer engagements of all sizes. From onboarding customers on Marketing Cloud to large digital transformations to platform migrations that involve data harmonization and third-party integrations, we’ve successfully done it all so our customers can confidently embark on their Salesforce journey with us.

ListEngage has 130+ accredited and certified professionals with an average customer satisfaction score of 4.9/5.0 on Salesforce engagements. As a Salesforce Ventures-backed company with a Crest partner status, customer success is at the heart of everything we do. We meet our customers wherever they are in their Digital Maturity Spectrum and help them maximize their investment by unlocking the power of Salesforce with a nimble yet scalable crawl, walk, run approach to Salesforce implementations. ListEngage also holds a seat on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner Advisory Board which helps us advocate for our customers by sharing their feedback and concern with the Salesforce Product team.