We all know Salesforce is a valuable marketing platform, but are you taking full advantage of its capability to integrate with the top business apps on the market? These integrations improve your project management, streamline your marketing campaigns, and create a more seamless experience. 

If you’re not currently using these integrations, your competitors certainly are, which is giving them an advantage in efficiency and productivity. 

Here are 5 of our favorite third-party Salesforce integrations for gaining a competitive edge. 

Google Workspace: Sync Salesforce and Google Workspace to optimize your team’s collaboration and productivity!

You can import your Salesforce accounts, data, and contacts directly into your email and calendar by integrating with Gmail, saving you valuable time you’d be wasting fishing for information and cross referencing platforms. With the Salesforce-Google Drive integration, you can save time wasted on importing data by attaching Google Drive documents directly to related Salesforce records and processes. You can also connect to Google Sheets to manage your CRM data.

Monday.com: Get the most out of your project management application!

Integrating with Salesforce lets you import lead information into Monday.com and quickly move leads between teams throughout your sales pipeline. You can also automatically convert data from Salesforce into actionable tasks inside Monday.com. This is a great way to ensure that important tasks, like sales and support calls,  are instantly assigned to team members and don’t fall through the cracks.

QuickBooks: Maintain complete control of your business’s finances!

By integrating Salesforce and QuickBooks, you’ll be able to automatically transfer data between your sales and accounting teams, including expenses, contact information, orders, and invoices. This reduces any accidental duplicate entries while increasing productivity

RevTrax: Resolve customer complaints quickly and securely!

Through an integration with RevTrax and Salesforce, you can deliver more intelligent customer service offers digitally to your consumers. Pre-create, management-approved, single-use offers while you track budgets and manage usage in real-time so that your customer service can reach a new level of efficiency, transparency and cost-effectiveness.

Calendly: Schedule meetings easily using Calendly!

When scheduling meetings with new prospects using Calendly, Salesforce automatically creates a new lead, contact or opportunity. If the prospect already exists, the event will simply be added to the existing record. With this integration, your sales reps can save their time for selling instead of administrative work.

These are just a few of the best Salesforce integrations. Be sure to check out a full list in this helpful article to see what you might be missing!At ListEngage, we specialize in guiding clients through ways to leverage Salesforce Marketing Cloud to improve and enhance their business. If you’d like to learn more about how to make the most of Salesforce through product integrations, contact us to schedule a conversation.